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Posted on January 04, 2021  in General
2021 vs 2020

 2021 vs 2020

It's fair to say 2020 will not be remembered fondly however we mustn’t forget that the year was also filled with some heroic acts of support. We remember Captain Sir Tom Moore with his phenomenal record-breaking efforts that continue to make a difference to NHS staff, volunteers and patients with over £30million raised. His continued mission to get as many people as possible walking, talking, spreading hope and easing loneliness is truly commendable.

Then there’s Marcus Rashford; the 23-year-old Manchester United star who campaigned tirelessly for free school meals for vulnerable and disadvantaged children, and succeeded in forcing the government to make a major U-turn and support his mission.

Animals too became our saviours during lockdown, with our four-legged friends keeping us company whilst we spent so much time in our homes. According to Direct Line, in the UK alone, 5.7 million new pets were bought between March and September, including 2.2 million dogs!

And, not forgetting the daily workouts with the nation’s favourite PE teacher Joe Wicks where millions of people joined in every day to his live TV workouts.

Back in the workplace, many of us moved from our offices or place of work and set-up safe homeworking arrangements (whilst also juggling home schooling). Prior to Covid-19 only around 5% of the 33 million workers mainly worked from home. Many predict however, that after the current crisis, flexible working will become the new norm and we will see a shift in the working culture.

With us not being able to travel far and meet face to face with our colleagues, friends and family, Zoom has kept us firmly connected and has fast become an efficient and viable solution for future business meetings and online learning as, well as quizzes and virtual parties for fun.

So what will 2021 bring? Are you heading into the New Year with positivity and optimism? I guarantee they’ll be a least one thing you achieved or did differently in 2020 that you’ll keep doing in 2021. Perhaps it was sorting your work/life balance, taking regular exercise or maybe cooking homemade meals. Are you talking more to your colleagues, friends or family than you were before?

Maybe 2021 is a time for new beginnings, you’ve realised what’s important to you and this time you won’t compromise. It could be a time for learning something new, whether that be for your professional or personal self. One area many people have developed over the past 9 months is emotional resilience and not just the ability to bounce back, but also the capacity to adapt in the face of challenging circumstances, whilst maintaining a stable mental wellbeing. Taking steps to look after your wellbeing can help you deal with pressure, and reduce the impact that stress has on your life. If you need help or want to talk to someone then Mind is a good place to start.

I think what this time has reminded us of is that life is precious. Looking after ourselves, taking care of others and the simple acts of kindness and support are what really matter.

Get in touch if you’re ready for new beginnings, a new career move or if you simply want a chat to help you decide what direction to take. We’re here to help.

Happy New Year everyone.


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